The road to Culloden

The drive was a little bit scary..

We stopped a few places along the way including Pitlochry where Ant lived and worked 20 years ago. We went up into the hotel and he looked around all his old haunts. He was a bit worried that a girl who moved there for him 20 years ago might still be there waiting. He was actually serious.

The scenery was incredible – it had only been a day of snow but it made the trip magic. What wasn’t quite so magic was arriving in Inverness to find that the Culloden Visitor Centre was closed, and so was the Family History Research place we had planned to visit.

But anyway, we trudged through the battlefield in the snow – stood on the site where over 800 scots were slaughtered, and then the rest were either hung, run off their land, or progressively moved out of the Highlands by clearing of the land for sheep farming.

That was 1746, and so now the journey is back down to Armadale, to find Drumbowie farm where we think the Hays ended up after Culloden.


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