We spent the night at Mat and Marie’s in Glasgow, got snow-bombed by Michael and Euan and then headed off into the Thundersnow. This was the name for the weather system arriving through the UK. It wasn’t actually that bad at all, it was just some snow.  We planned to get to Inverness that day,  but would make a call once we got to Pitlochry depending on the conditions.

We are heading to Inverness because as far as we can tell the Hays didn’t settle onto farms in Armadale, our final destination, until around the 1780s. So our theory is that after the battle of Culloden, they were driven off their land and ended up as tenant farmers. Our plan is to work out a bit more of the story and also find the ruins of the farmhouses. And to survive the Thundersnow.


Finding Loxy

Finding Loxy and getting her up to Scotland

Seeing Loxy for the first time was quite a moment. I arrived at Nene Overland by taxi and was dropped off amidst maybe fifty Landrovers all parked along two rows. I walked along looking at each one, searching for the number plate. I found it, and I looked up. She looked at me. We were made for each other. To add to the chemistry we were both in identical outfits.

The plan now is to drive up the country, meet Ant in Glasgow and then explore some family history sites, perhaps with some whisky tasting along the way.

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