Trying to leave Marrakech

This was possibly, the morning that will stay in the mind the longest..

Ok, so we knew the Satnav was crap over here. But we didn’t know quite how bad.

We were heading for Ouarzzarte, our final destination in Morocco, the edge of the Sahara! So far so good, we are making a few turns, getting closer to the ring road on the outskirts of the city. Then this little intersection was a bit of an omen.

And then the Satnav said turn left, towards the entrance to the Medina.

So I obeyed her.

We got stuck halfway through the entrance.. like actually stuck. There were kids on the footpath pressing their bodies up against the wall as I tried to reverse out and I had to make them stand on their toes so I didn’t run over their feet. There are no photos or videos of this event because this was a very stressful time for the driver..




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