I can’t really describe the feeling of being on ferry sailing to Africa. It is just thrilling really. It’s only going to be a fraction of Africa, baby steps before a proper expedition. But, for me anyway, a big day.


The logistics of getting to and on ferries is becoming more normal now, as it is a pretty well oiled system here. Perhaps with the exception of clearing customs in Morocco. I followed this guy’s guide to planning the trip and it was really helpful.

Morocco Overland

Having the D16 printed and ready to go along with all the other paperwork meant it only took 3 hours to get through 🙂 . The officials pretty much let everyone through and then look at the European plated cars, take a bit of a nap, and then wave you on.

A lot of the bigger service stations here all have really good food, we got a tagine just out of Tangier all cooked outside in front of us.

We headed for Rabat for the first stop. Bit of a mission as Google Maps or isn’t really an option unless you want to spend $100 a second. And the Satnav actually gets a bit shit in some of these towns.

But eventually, through a dirty windscreen, we arrived in Homeland.


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