So we headed further into the farm to look for the next one.

This one was actually a little more exciting, as you might be able to tell from my voice in this video. As we didn’t expect it, and also because it took us a long time to find it as the woods were quite dense and we couldn’t see anything for ages.

It was very overgrown, and harder to make out what it might have looked like, but it was awesome.


Further along was what was obviously once a road or a track and gateposts and fences.


And this would have been their view..


So the Time Team journey was over, we had found another farm, which was much more likely to be the Hay’s we think, as well as our original goal of seeing the ruin we knew about.

But the next stop was a visit to the long lost relatives who still lived up the road to see what they could tell us about who lived here and when.



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